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[Trans] Deview Interview Part 2 - Kento Yamazaki

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Source: DEVIEW

Kento Yamazaki (Part 2) / "I really wouldn't like it if the girl I like will suddenly have hives... (ROFL)"

Starting from the movie L-DK last year, the young actor Kento Yamazaki has been recognized in many performances and shows. He enthusiastically plays the role of Keita Kontani, the classmate of the lead character who has a dream of becoming a lacquer ware craftsman on the TV novel series "Mare" which is currently broadcast on NHK. He talked about many things like the filming of the episode where he confesses to Mare and about the character Keita.

Q: The last episode of the second week was broadcasted the other day, and there was this scene where Keita confesses his immediate feelings for Mare during the Wajima Taisai Festival in Noto, right?

"They were making wonderful memories before graduating from high school and carried the Kiriko lantern at the festival. Keita also asked his grandfather to let them lacquer the Kiriko lantern, and as the festival and lacquering became successful, he decides to confess his feelings for Mare. Then his way of confessing for Mare was somehow awkward, and it shows Keita's personality. After zealously talking about his dream of becoming a lacquer craftsman and his fascination in lacquering, his confession to her, "I want to be with you" felt somewhat awkward. Mare disliked having dreams of her own, and it might have caused her trauma to passionately talk about her dreams, thus she suddenly got hives. After that, a dog passed by in quick steps that made the scene surreal. It was really funny. (LOL)".

(TR Note: I've read an article about a female Japanese comedian who had
this so-called "love hives" after dating a guy who promised to marry her beforehand. Hives are welts on the skin that often itch. Check this site for more info ). In the case of that comedian, she haven't dated for a long time which might have led her to develop hives because of stress. lol)

Q: It was heart throbbing yet funny?

"I know, right. I was laughing while working on that scene at the venue.
Mare-chan (Tao Tsuchiya) also said, "Keita is really passionate" while we were filming that scene. (LOL) Even at the part of the acting where she suddenly had hives, we laughed so hard. And I wonder why would there be hives coming out. (LOL)"

Q: Was it difficult to say a passionate confession line in Noto dialect?

"It was a dialect so I don't normally use it, but it was easy to say it together with passion. When I said "Ore to tsukioute kurehen ka?", I thought that I might already got used to being Keita."

(TR Note: Would you go out with me?/ In normal Nihongo: Ore to tsukiatte kurenai ka?)

Q: Why do you think Keita is attracted to Mare?

"I think he got attracted to Mare because she is hardworking. At first, Mare disliked having dreams which is totally opposite from Keita's perspective. And as he was looking up to Mare, seeing her face when doing and talking about the things she like, Keita thought that Mare probably wants to become a pattisier. But Mare conceals it in herself and at the very beginning, she thought 'What's with this guy?' about Keita. Even in the phrase, 'Even if it's scary, and even if they don't agree with you, isn't it a dream when you cannot give it up?', there is something that Keita could not understand. But through looking at Mare's very hardworking state, Keita also gained courage and became energetic. That, I think was the reason why he became attracted to her."

Q: At that moment when Keita confessed to Mare, she suddenly got hives in on her skin, and everybody in that village knew about that story. It seems very embarrassing for guys on their teenage years.

"If it was for me, that would be very hard to handle! But I thought, Keita does not really mind about that. Apart from that, I think he thinks about this, 'She says that dreams might be really necessary, but why does she suddenly get hives when she talks about dreams? I really don't understand it.' I think he is the type of guy who has his own thoughts so he does not get embarrassed about it. If it were me, I really could not handle it. If a girl I like suddenly gets hives, I... (ROFL)"

Q: Through those days, Yamazaki-kun is filming as a character with an age older than your actual age. Was your preparation for that role difficult for you?

"Right now, I play the role of a 22-year old guy, but my beard is slowly growing (LOL). Rather than the role preparation, it has been half a year since we started filming for this drama, and through this filming I think everyone is seriously growing, but basically, we never change, as a person. Even if half a year have already passed as I think about it this time, I could feel that I have grown through the things I've experienced in that role, as well as within myself. However, the important thing in us is that we never change."

Q: Keita is a very passionate guy. Do you think you also have something similar with him?

"Once I start talking, I would never stop. Even though I seldom get compliments about being stubborn or passionate, I can share the same feeling with Keita about persisting for something I want to do. There are things that we don't have in common, but I want to try doing some of those. Also, maybe we are quite similar about being able to concentrate on the things we like to do."

Q: What is that thing you like that you can concentrate about?

"That was during my student days. I did not do lacquering, but I think I was always active in playing soccer. Recently, I concentrate on watching movies and read Manga".

Q: I think you have a tight schedule, but what do you do to relieve from stress?

"Recently, I'm not doing anything much, but I usually go out and eat with my friends, read Manga and watch movies. Then I just stay in my room to relieve myself from stress."

Q: Are you mostly an indoor person?

"I do think about going outside. Those times, I also feel relieved. Sometimes, I think about, "Where should I go?", then suddenly the day just ends like that. (LOL)"

(TR comment: I like his answer here. So typically Japanese. lol)

Q: The filming might be difficult, but speaking of morning dramas, I think people from every walks of life watch this kind of drama. When this broadcast ends, do you want their influence and evaluation towards this drama to rise?

"Of course, I want it to rise than the usual. By doing our best one by one, I hope that its result will be connected. However, I think many people from all ages watch the nationwide broadcast, so I want them to support our drama, Mare.
I know there are many people who also support Mare, Keita and other characters. I hope the viewers will encourage us as well. Then when it ends, I hope they will think that we did our best for this and will make them happy."

Q: You have been filming a lot of youthful stories until now, but does the youthful story in a morning drama differ from the previous ones you did?

"I don't see anything different about it, but I think 'Mare' is influential and invigorating. Also, including the confession scene where she gets hives, it also has quite romantic-comedy parts. I have been looking forward to those things while filming.
We were filming the first half of the drama in Noto so I think the atmosphere and morning feeling in Noto was refreshing!"

Q: Lastly, please leave a message for the viewers!

"By watching this drama, you will laugh, and you can enjoy it like you really want to support it. I would be very glad if everyone will support our morning drama, 'Mare'.
We are still filming the latter part of this drama, but I hope that I can play the role of a fascinating Keita until the end!"


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